Learn all about acne from the #1 dermatologist recommended skincare brand*

*Source: IQVIA, ProVoice Survey, Q1-Q4 2018

  • Acne at Every Age

    Acne can be a concern for teenagers and adults alike, and this common skin condition can affect girls, boys, women and men from puberty and beyond. Regardless of age, an effective anti-acne product regimen that incorporates gentle, yet effective ingredients to minimize breakouts can help keep your skin clear and under control. The addition of beneficial ingredients such as ceramides can also help restore the skin’s natural barrier and lock in moisture when treating acne.

  • Is Dry Skin the Cause of Your Acne or a Result of Treating It?

    Many teenagers and adults experience dry skin and acne, and each of these concerns can have an impact on the other. The good news is, the proper skincare regimen that includes acne-fighting ingredients, hydration and barrier-restoring ceramides can help keep acne-prone skin clear, hydrated and comfortable.

  • A Closer Look at Different Types of Acne —and How to Tackle Them

    Every case of acne is different, and the key to a healthy complexion is understanding the different types of acne (such as blackheads vs. whiteheads and other kinds of pimples)—as well as the products and ingredients that can clear existing acne blemishes and help prevent new ones from forming.